IP Cameras in Bangalore - Call: 09066656366. RGR Technologies is an Authorized Dealer/Distributor, wholesaler of ip cameras of leading brands like Samsung, Sony, Pelco, CNB, HikVision, Avitech, HoneyWell, NUUO, TamRon etc. Our company provides ip cameras to all states of India. We have also dealer network of ip cameras in India. We provide differnt types of IP Camers such as IP Box Camera, IP Dome Camera, IP IR Bullet Camera, IP IR Dome Camera, IP Speed Dome Camera.

Introduction to IP CAMERA:
Ip cameras comes with two main categories:
[1] Centralized IP cameras:
They are used for the purpose of surveillance for security management and requires central network video recorder to handle recording, video and alarm warning system.
[2] Decentralized IP cameras:
They have network video recorder built in, hence they do not require video management software. Consequently video camera can record directly to any kind of digital storage media [Flash drive, Hard disk drive, any Network attached storage. In video surveillance market in india, ip camera is having significant market share.

Difference between IP Cameras and CCTV cameras Ip camera [Internet protocol camera] is very much different than CCTV camera technology. Ip camera are based on internet protocol can send and receive data via computer network [WAN/LAN] and Internet. CCTV can not do that. Resolution clarity of IP cameras are far better than CCTV cameras. Two way data and audio – the ip camera can send and receive data to any digital device. High resolution clarity – resolution of ip cameras are higher than analog CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras resolution is restriced by standards. Smart phone: some ip cameras have in-built Voip [voice over ip] function make device capable send and receive phone calls based on events, allowing voice and video interaction through smart phone.

IP cameras are basically Network cameras:
Ip camera can be easily equipped with existing ip cabling infrastructure. It can use power over ethernet and allows one cable to handle power and data. It can be equipped with wireless network Coaxial cables can be used with appropriate convertors. Thec an also use optical fiber with proper data convertors Addition of new ip cameras are easy. Functions of ip cameras: Wireless cameras can be placed anywhere . There is automated alerting via email or file transfer in response to video motion detection. Password protected control panel of video camera to prevent unauthorized fellow to see images or changing video camera configurations. Integration of video surveillance with other systems and work as access control, alarm systems, building management, traffic management. You can install ip cameras in hidden manner.